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1) Weight - The Stingray is 15% to 20% lighter than most comparably sized marathon carriages. Unnecessary weight slows acceleration and increases fatigue in your equine. Contrary to popular belief weight does not equal stability. Low center of gravity, balance between front and rear axles and advanced suspension are key factors to stability, not weight.

2) Tuned Suspension - Every Stingray is equipped with a completely adjustable suspension. Typical leaf springs on most modern marathon carriages are not adjustable and provide an inferior ride. The Stingray front and rear suspension systems are fully adjustable to fit the weights of the driver and navigator in combination with your personal driving style.

3) Whip Down Whip Back - Balance in four wheel carriages is a key factor to stability in corners. With the Stingray we've shifted the driver position down and back moving center of gravity more to the rear wheels which are far more stable than the front wheels which change position in turns.

4) Smooth Ride - With our exclusive tuned suspension the Stingray is an extremely smooth riding and quiet carriage over rough ground. The FCC advanced suspension is not only comfortable but very stable under speed without a navigator or additional weight on the navigator platform. Deb Bevan is shown in the photo above driving her 13.2 hand Pony Marrissa at speed in corners with no additional weight on the navigator platform.

5) Comfortable Navigator Platform - Between our smooth riding suspension and well padded navigator area the ride on the back is phenomenal. Our rear wheel frames are padded creating a comfortable opening on both sides for kneeling and leaning into tight turns.

6) Great Design - Competing is a whole lot more fun in a carriage that looks this awesome!

7) Low Center of Gravity - This is a huge factor in the stability of a carriage and most often overlooked. Incorporated in the design concept of moving the driver down and back we have dramatically lowed the center of gravity on the Stingray. Two additional factors effecting the center of gravity on the Stingray are the compact low suspension and our minimal dash height.

8) Rear Suspension - The unique suspension on the rear of the Stingray provides fluid movement in the rear with minimal bounce making the carriage very stable on rough ground. Bounce from old style leaf springs can be a contributing factor toward instability on rough terrain. The internal shock absorber dampens impact both up and down and in combination with the steep rake design of the rear trailing arms creates a wide range of motion.

9) Silence is Golden - With minimal moving parts the Stingray is virtually silent traveling over any kind of surface. No more squeaks and rattles.

10) The Stingray is available with all the popular features you look for in a serious competition carriage. Delayed steering, fifth wheel brake, four wheel disc brakes, stainless trim and custom colors are available options on all Stingray marathons. Available in medium pony through large horse sizes.

If you are considering the purchase of a marathon carriage drive the FCC Stingray before you make your decision. You will not be disappointed. The competitive advantages of the American Manufactured Stingray make it a clear leader in design, comfort and stability. Order yours today!

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