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Stingray Action Shots
The word on the street...

I had the privilege of acquiring the Stingray and can now comment on it after having used it at the Kansas City Longview CDE and around my ranch through the harvested bean fields and pastures and our indoor arena. It is an extraordinary ride being so smooth that at times it feels like I am gliding across a waveless lake. It handles like a sports car and is as quiet as a church mouse. I am looking forward to next year's show season. - Dr. Jerry Rozeboom

It's the sexiest new carriage out there! But seriously, it drives like a dream. I took it over some rough terrain, and it really minimized the bumps. Even with no one on the back it tracked true in the sand, really not any drift. Good navigator space behind. I can't wait to drive the next one! - Sterling D. B. Graburn

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